The familiar sound of the email chimed and I turned to Joe and asked who it was from surprisingly he said it was the Adaaran Manhupparu hotel in the Maldives inviting us to join them for a week at the end of November early December, without a second thought we accepted their kind invitation and set off to the Maldives.

Flying in covid was remarkably easy and every precaution was made by BA and Emirates and we felt safe and secure, not only do you have a PCR test before leaving the UK which must be within 96 hours of departing, but temperature tested a number of times before boarding the plane. British Airways Man-Lon, Lon- DXB on board you must keep your face mask on for yours and other protection. As soon as we took our beautiful Business class seat in the new BA Airbus A380, we were informed that the plane had been fitted with a new air purifier system which completely recycles and cleans the entire air supply every 2 mins. I settled down for the night and told Joe to do the same but he wanted to watch the movies available instead.

BA business class

Awaking 8 hours later in Dubai where we had to change planes to Emirates for the remain 4 hrs of the flight to Male. This was again made so easy by the authorities in the airport and after checking our PCR test and passports we were ushered through to our connecting flight. Arriving in Male 4 hrs later and due to the Covid 19 checks at Male airport which took longer than expected, we were informed that we had missed our seaplane to the Meedhupparu and would be travelling by boat to the companies sister island Vadoo which was only 15 minutes by boat.


Vadoo is a luxury 5-star result with a Japanese and a la carte restaurant, swimming pool and is made up of 52 overwater villas and 4 honeymoon overwater villas. this Vadoo is less than 2.5 acre and takes approx 5 minutes to walk around. The overwater villa was luxurious with its own pool, huge bathroom to the rear and beyond that an outside jacuzzi. Everything is taken care of for you by your own villa butler. What was very impressive was when you first arrive they take all your luggage and personal possessions and completely disinfect everything with a handheld fogger which kills 99.6% of all bacteria. All the staff wear gloves and masks leaving guest to have the choice.

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